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Lab Members

Fabrizio Gabbiani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Department of Neuroscience
Adjunct Associate Professor - Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University

Computations related to sensory processing and sensorimotor transformations in the central nervous system.


Haleh Fotowat
B.S., Tehran Polytechnic, 1999

I am interested in studying how sensory information is processed by the brain and transformed into a neural code for generating motor behaviors. I am working with locusts to characterize such sensory-motor transformations in the context of jump escpae behaviors evoked by visually looming stimuli.


Peter Jones
B.S., Stanford University, 2001

I am interested in information processing in the nervous system and how cellular biophysics, synaptic properties, and circuit connectivity collectively shape neuronal responses.


Simon Peron
B.S., Emory University, 2001

Biophysical mechanisms underlying single neuron computation. To me, this includes how the morphological layout of synaptic inputs generates specific responses to sensory stimuli, how the basic electrotonic properties of a cell contribute to its responses, and finally, how various ion channels contribute to shaping the response of single neurons to synaptic input.



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